STEM program



Teaching philosophy that integrates all four disciplines together into a single and cross disciplinary program, is what STEM program truly means. Although Almaahed is a foreign languages school, still it makes sure to provide different programs and workshops for students to boost their creativity, as well as enhancing their flexible thinking and technical knowledge. We give our students the total freedom to learn various of things in an enjoyable and a challenging way.

Our students got the chance to attend our STEM program, which was in collaboration with the Algerian scholars and scientists in America and also in contribution of the American Embassy.

The scholars provided our students with a full package of knowledge, endless experiments and a set of ethical and moral values that they can use throughout their careers and life. We were pleased to offer our students the chance to study in a multicultural and international environment, and even more honored to receive positive results from them and encouraging feedbacks from the scholars and the representative of the US Embassy.

We humbly thank everyone who was part of our STEM program:

Professor Cherif Chibane (Research scientist and architect of advanced systems for NASA, DARPA and government laboratories, Chief scientist at AuresTech Inc…)

Professor Mustapha Ziad (Professor at Suffolk University)

Dr. Mohammed Rachedine (Staff Engineer at Freescale)

Dr. Said Belhadj (Software Engineer, thought leader…)

Dr. Badjou