Personal development



The belief that one can grow and improve, is often referred to as growth mindset, and it has surprisingly a big impact on one’s ability to reach one’s goals. The more we believe that we can improve a skill, the more likely it is that we actually do. One of Almaahed’s main goals is improving students’ skills and encouraging them to speak up their minds and share their experiences. Throughout the years, we made it a priority to enhance the students’ employability prospects, raise their confidence, and lead them to a more fulfilling and higher quality life.

We use a set of activities that enrich students’ skills, talents, and competencies. Our strategies focus on self-awareness and self-discovery, we give students an insightful understanding of their personalities, values and tendencies.

In real life or through social media, we always give them the opportunity to speak their minds and share what they are good at. We weekly challenge them with writing contests, photography contests, painting contents and many more. Our motive is not only to teach but also to lead them to a paved path where they can grow better mentally and physically.

Another important point we focus on is the mental health of each student. No matter what your personality type is, introvert or extravert, with Almaahed, you will feel peace as all our teachers are well-aware and trained to deal with the psychological side of students and use methods that put them in an environment where they feel less anxious and more motivated to speak.