Managment and leadership training



“Great managers need to be effective leaders, and effective leaders need solid management skills”

Management and leadership trainings are designed for those who want to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the different attributes and methods that leaders should use, in order to get the most out of themselves and others. As they are considered to be the key of one’s career, Almaahed made it possible for people at all levels to attend such trainings in order to enhance their skills and help them lead their lives professionally.

Similar to most of the trainings we always design, this training also took place in different areas around Algeria and also in different occasions. Standing up to our slogan “We make Role-models”, and that’s exactly what we aim to do through these trainings. We focus on teaching participants the basics of leadership and management, for example: possessing excellent communication skills such as public speaking and writing, along with project management skills such as time management, planning, and delegating.

Our training programs and educational opportunities address wide and varying needs to help managers and leaders achieve their business goals through people-focused solutions. These programs manage to help participants understand their motivational drivers, emotional intelligence, and preferred communication methods, they also encourage learners to take charge of their professional development.