Creative teaching training

To prepare students for real world careers and challenges and equipping them with 21st-century skills that keep changing day after day, we realized that teachers also need an inspiration to develop their teaching skills and take it to the new level

Personal development

The belief that one can grow and improve, is often referred to as growth mindset, and it has surprisingly a big impact on one’s ability to reach one’s goals,the more likely it is that we actually do.

Professional Translation

Almaahed provides a highly-accredited global professional translation services through its team of expert translators. We offer high-quality document translation and language services with multi-sector expertise

Managment and leadership training

Management and leadership trainings are designed for those who want to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the different attributes and methods that leaders should use, in order to get the most out of themselves and others

Creative language teaching

Grooming the spongy minds of learners to absorb the wonders of different foreign languages takes a whole lot of thoughtfulness and creativity. Teaching outside the box while still ensuring students have grasped the necessary skills and knowledge can give them a lifelong love of learning

STEM program

Teaching philosophy that integrates all four disciplines together into a single and cross disciplinary program, is what STEM program truly means.

Access Microscolarship

Access Microscholarship Program is an English global scholarship program supported by the U.S. Department of State that provides a foundation of English language skills to students. These students get the opportunity to enjoy the enhancement activities and community outreach.