What is Almaahed

Almaahed Pro International Company is an education center that boosts your academic, professional and personal life through developing and offering quality programs in languages, as well as in personal and professional development. It uses a wholistic methodology that targets the development of the learners and trainees in terms of cognitive, behavioral and ethical competencies. Our team of internationally experienced teachers and trainers knowledgeable as well as passionate. 

Who is it for?

It is aimed for anyone who wants to develop academically or professionally.
We provide services for:
- companies and organizations
- Parents and adults
- Students and young learners

our services


more than 07 languages are offered

Whether your learning the language is ongoing or just starting, we have the pedagogy and the technology to make you progress in the language of your choice. Our expertise in language teaching along personal development for more than two decades made us develop our own methodology, relying on three values: Safe, dynamic and Fun. Learners feel the difference from the first class.



Education- Entrepreneurship-

Our training services allow hundreds of individuals and companies to boost their skills and their career. Our trainings are 100% practical.

managers and CEOs, Media experts, Translation experts, Talented artists… all our experts and trainers are successful leaders. 


Various documents

Our team of experts can translate different types of documents in the following languages:

 English/ French/ Spanish/ Turkish/ German/ Arabic

The process of translation simplified:

Whether you are in the neighborhood or thousands of miles away, we handle your translation. We translate your documents and send them wherever you are.

Learn a LANGUAGE with fun

Learn through games and practice. Each class has cognitive, behavioral and ethical objectives. classes can be online or offline. You can chose to learn in three ways: 

1- A one-to-one learning Ideal to progress at your own pace. Face to face with a professional. You chose to learn home, in your office or in our classes. 

2- Group classes: from one to three classes per week with a group of an average of 08 people. 

3- Customized classes: Professionals can choose courses of English for a specific purposes like Medical English, Business English and English for other purposes is available. 

Get the SKILLS you need

Our training services allows hundreds of individuals and companies to boost their skills and their career

 We broaden and enrich our trainings portfolio constantly to meet your needs. Some trainings are in: IT-Project management- Strategic planning- Photography-  Graphic design- Career management…

Many other professional and personal trainings are designed and delivered by our experts

We Make Role-Models

Join us and see the difference first hand. We make sure everyone has the value he looks for. 

Working hours

Everyday 9.00 am- 8.00 pm

We are here

Allgiers: Bab Ezzouar (the tram station Le pont)
Medea: Merdjchekir (Près de la mosqué Albadr)
Chlef: Zebboudj
Phone:+213 698 644 447
Email: contact@almaahed.com

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